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Sico organized its first annual educational event on April 23rd, 2013. The company is planning to sponsor a similar event every year, in which it will look into the future of education together with all participants from private and public sectors. As per Eng. Mohamed Salem (Chairman & CEO) this event will grow every year with more sponsors and participants, as technology is changing the education and not enhancing it only.


During this event, which started at 10 am and finished at 4 pm, Sico presented its fully integrated and advanced educational solution for more than 60 private schools. The solution is depending on Sico famous tablet “Sico Tab2″ together with Learning Management System (LMS), Interactive Content, Applications and a long training program.


The attendees were very pleased and surprised by the unique solution. The most interesting part was the life demo, which took place inside the room by real teachers and students from “El-Orman Academy School” and “Port Said Language School”.


Special thanks to both schools and to all attendees, participants, journalists and business partners, who made this event successful, especially the “Ministry of Education” and the “Ministry of Communication and Information Technology”.

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